The Urinals of Ayo Rock Formations

"Ayo Rock Formations are monolithic rock boulders located on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. They are located near Ayo village, about 3.2 km from the natural bridge towards Casibari."

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"Mountains and huge boulders can also be found on this usually flat, arid island. These geological formations contain large quartzdiorite stone and provide adventure seekers with a site for exploration. They also serve as vantage points for a breathtaking view of the island from a high elevation. Extraordinary rock formations can be seen at Casibari and Ayó, where huge, diorite boulders weighing several tons have been carved into unusual shapes by the wind. At Casibari a rock formation rises up from the desert, just to the north of Hooiberg or “Haystack”.

"The Government of Aruba has created walking trails and steps through the boulders, to facilitate hiking in this area so that you can climb to the top and enjoy a spectacular view of the island and the Haystack. There is also a snack bar and souvenir shop here."

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