The Urinals of Waimangu Volcanic Valley

The Waimangu Volcanic Valley is located near the town of Rotorua, New Zealand.

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"Created on 10 June 1886, Waimangu is the only hydrothermal system in the World wholly formed within historic times as the result of a volcanic eruption. Today you can walk through the craters of Waimangu Volcanic Valley and take the boat cruise on crater Lake Rotomahana to view the amazing geothermal activity and very important botany. Internationally significant features include the worlds largest hot water spring, sinter terraces and the unique inter-relationship between two huge hot springs in Inferno Crater and Echo Crater. Several endangered plants exist beside the geothermal activity together with a host of thermally adapted plants. This is one of the newest Eco-systems in the world and is protected today as a Scenic Reserve and wildlife refuge. Our on-site services include easily understood interpretation, full cafe food service, an excellent range of locally made gifts and an internal shuttle bus which returns you from the end of your walk and boat cruise to the valley entrance."