The Urinals of The Brown Jug

The Brown Jug is a college bar catering to Michigan students. It's located in Ann Arbor, MI.

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This first photo was taken by a member of Urinal Dot Net staff in 2005. The photo below was sent in by SG in 2009 and shows notable improvements to the men's room over the intervening 4 year period.

SG writes: "Since 1938 this popular college town restaurant has been serving U of MI students, staff, locals and visitors. Drawn by their delicious Brown Jug burgers, waffle fries, and infamous mixed drink "shooters," throngs of patrons can be found here nearly every night. On game days, it's not unusual for the entrance line to snake around the block. Their extensive list of bottle beers and nearly a dozen more on tap ensures that you're standing shoulder to shoulder with 3 or 4 others peeing on the cubed ice in the steel trough."