The Urinals of Old South Meeting House

The Old South Meeting House is a historical structure located in Boston, MA

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"From the meeting of more than 5,000 colonists on December 16, 1773, which started the Boston Tea Party, to the present, the Old South Meeting House has been an important gathering place for nearly three centuries. Renowned for the protest meetings held here before the American Revolution, this National Historic Landmark has long served as a platform for the free expression of ideas."

This photo was sent in by RB. He writes: "This is downstairs, adjacent to the gift shop. Not especially interesting, more function than form. I do like that there's a recognition of the fact that so many visitors are schoolchildren in the lower fixture. Always nerve-wracking, taking urinal photos at busy tourist destinations, with so many people coming and going... By the way, if you wish please add that I took this while chaperoning a 5th-grade field trip for my son's school from Brooklyn, NY."