The Urinals of MV Chetzemoka

MV Chetzemoka is a car and passenger ferry operated in the Puget Sound by Washington State Ferries.

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"MV Chetzemoka is a Kwa-di Tabil class ferry built at Todd Pacific Shipyards in Seattle, Washington for the Washington State Ferries. It was scheduled to start on the Port Townsend-Coupeville (Keystone) route in September 2010, but sea trials revealed excessive vibrations in the vessel's propulsion system. The ferry was christened by Gov. Christine Gregoire and began service Nov. 14, 2010."

This photo was sent in by AM. He writes: "On a recent trip to Port Townsend, a brand new Washington State ferry, the Chetzemoka, had just entered service. They could have put in the most modern plumbing available, but WSF obviously likes their stainless steel trough urinals, as evidenced by this photo"

Submitted by AM