The Urinals of McMenamin's Roseburg Station

McMenamin's Roseburg Station is a restaurant and brewpub located in Roseburg, OR.

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McMenamin's Pubs are located throughout Oregon and Washington State. This McMenamin's is housed in a turn-of-the-century railroad station. This photo was submitted by EM in 2004.

Joe Ross photographed the same installation 13 years later. He writes: "Thought you might enjoy this photo. This ediface dates to about 1912! The era of rail reached Roseburg in Dec 1872 when Oregon & California Railroad Company came. In 1875 a small depot was built at what was then the end of the line. The O&C resumed track building in 1881, and a California connection was made in 1887 several years after the line was acquired by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1884. At some point a new wooden structure was built but this was replaced with the current structure which was erected in 1912. Passenger service ended in August of 1955. The old RR station is now McMenamins Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery, Roseburg, OR. If you use it, please credit the photo to Joe Ross."