The Urinals of La Place

La Place is a restaurant inside Vroom & Dreesmann department store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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These pictures were sent in by an independent contributor. He writes: "Vroom and Dreesmann is a national chain of department stores in The Netherlands (check entry of 14th jan. for more details). Most branches have a instore buffet-style restaurant that goes by the name of La Place. Hungry shoppers can stop by and choose from a rich selection of fresh foods (fish, meat and vegetarian) that are attractively displayed on market stalls, staffed by Vroom and Dreesmann employees that are dressed up as French waiters, hence the French name. This urinal can be found in the restaurant of the Amsterdam center branch where it is located on the ground floor (and not on one of the upper floors), something that is probably very much appreciated by those seeking to use this facility without having the patience to go up a few stairs. This urinal has a very 1900's feel about it; lots of brass and classic black/white tiles plus above the sinks old-looking black/white photographs that show life in Amsterdam in earlier days. Please note the unique closing lids, a feature of which the purpose is not entirely clear. Upon opening a closed lid there did not seem to be an actual problem to use the urinal in question, but most customers played it safe and used only the open ones".