The Urinals of Vroom & Dreesmann

Vroom & Dreesmann is a department store in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

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This picture was taken by an independent contributor. He writes: "Vroom & Dreesmann is a chain of department stores with outlets all over the Netherlands. They sell everything from clothes and furniture to pastries (excellent apple pie!) and cd's (they sell the most cd's in The Netherlands). This particular outlet is often used for testing new retail concepts before being launched on a national scale. Hopefully this inviting fivesome, located on the 3rd floor behind the men's clothing department, is a sign of what's to come; they are extremely clean and the washroom smells very nice. The well-being of those using the urinals is being taken care of by a friendly lady who makes sure that the washrooms stay clean and, if that's not enough, every customer gets a mint when leaving the washrooms."