The Urinals of Jasper's Smokehouse and Steaks

Jasper's Smokehouse and Steaks is a restaurant located in Big Bear Lake, CA.

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Jasper's posted the following mission statement to their website: "Our goal is to provide a casual atmosphere where really good food and fun is served. We are family owned and operated. All of our items are prepared fresh daily and we use on the finest Corn Fed Midwestern Beef [sic] and Pork [sic] available. Toni is in charge of the kitchen and she, being the Professional Chef [sic] that she is, sees to it that everything comes out tasty and delicious. My name is Dave and I handle the Smokehouse. It is my job to insure that all the meat is smoked to perfection. This is an involved process with some items taking as much as 20 hours to fully cook in the smoker. All of our meats are smoked only by wood, no propane or natural gas is used..."

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