The Urinals of Independence Square

Independence Square is a memorial park located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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This photo was sent in by KW. He writes: "The sign for these public toilets reads "TUALET" which is a transliteration of the [Russian] pronunciation. The walls and floor are of marble, but it is hard to stand close to the urinals, hence the stains in front of them..."

From the internet: "Independence Square called "Mustakillik Maidoni" (Maydan-e-Istaqlal) in Uzbek Language is a beautiful park spread over an area of 30 Acres (12 Hectares) by the side of the magnificent buildings of Government Secretariat and Oliy Majlis (Upper House of Parliament-Senate). The park is adorned with attractive fountains which lead to a huge colonnade that in an arc-form manner flanks the square in the east. The 16 white marble columns with capitals in the form of the traditional sharafa-stalactites are spanned with silvery metal roof decorated with sculptures of storks. Since ancient times in Uzbekistan these birds (storks) are believed to symbolize peace and tranquility. In the center of the Park there is a bronze statue of a woman with a baby in her arms. This statue symbolizes the young independent Republic of Uzbekistan and its bright future. The northern part of the park contains the memorial "Fame and Commemoration""