Outdoor Public Urinals of Grenoble

These 19th century outdoor urinals may be found throughout the city of Grenoble, France

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These pictures were submitted by JLBG. He writes: "These [pre-cast] concrete urinals are typical of Grenoble and, as far as I know, are not found elsewhere. They were drawn by the city architect Bui in 1860 and were in the catalogue of the Mollaret et Cuynat company that sold various prefabricated elements made in [cast] concrete. French writer Boris Vian wrote : "Noter les somptueuses pissotières à une personne (!) en forme de tour creuse échauguette. On est debout sur un petit piédestal. La tôle de protection est cependant un peu basse, mais ça donne de la noblesse à celui qui officie". There do not remain many of these urinals in Grenoble, may be a dozen, while there were several hundreds. Many have been [demolished]. Some (second photo) have been transformed and used as flower beds!"