Outdoor Urinals of Castletown

This remarkable outdoor urinal serves the dock in the town of Castletown, Isle of Man.

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These photos were sent in by MT. He writes: "This is an open air urinal for sailors and fishermen at Castletown on the Isle of Man, UK, basically just a hole through the sea wall it's right at the end of the harbour tucked behind the little 'pepper pot' lighthouse. I only discovered it in 2004 but it must be getting used as they keep repainting it and the hole is clear and angled downwards. [This photo] was sent to me by a friend in U. K. who vacations at Isle of Man often. He says it is well used and they keep repainting it often to keep it neat and clean. It was installed because fishermen, etc. were making a mess using the corner to pee in."