The Urinals of Franklin Field

Franklin Field is the home athletic venue at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

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"The center of the room has normal tall troughs as you might expect but it looks like at some point they ran out of space and decided to make the wall a urinal as well." Note the improvised flushing mechanism, facilitated by a water drip from the horizontal pipe.

"The second is in the men's room right next to the first men's room. Franklin Field was built in 1929 and today the north end of the stadium has two men's rooms right next to each other. My guess is the second was a restroom for women but was thought to expensive to convert to a modern women's room because of picture two. Today the right side of the bathroom has normal stalls with toilets and the left side has stalls with the doors removed and these urinals in them. I guess back in the 20's it women's urinals where ok, but not anymore."

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