The Urinals of Frankie's

Frankie's is a dive bar located in Dundee, MI.

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This photo was sent in by Rob. He writes: " Frankie's is one of those down and dirty drinking holes. We don't go there too often, but it just reminds me of the kind of place your always looking over your shoulder.. a rather rougher crowd. Although, the locals might call it a family bar.. I may be totally off the mark. Anyhow, they had $1 Busch Light drafts - and a huge jar of dusty pickled eggs - 3 for $1 - which of course I bought a round of. The bartender was a sweet old lady. Anyhow, I hope thats a good enough description. It's been there for years, probably well over 20-30, and sits dead center Dundee, MI. Love the website."