The Urinals of the FBI Academy

The FBI Academy is the premier law enforcement learning and research center in the US. It is located on the US Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA.

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"The Facility, which opened in the Summer of 1972, is situated on 385 wooded acres of land providing the security, privacy, and safe environment necessary to carry out the diverse training and operations functions for which the FBI is responsible. The Drug Enforcement Administration also has their training academy at Quantico, Virginia. The main training complex has three dormitory buildings, a dining hall, library, a classroom building, a Forensic Science Research and Training Center, a 1,000-seat Auditorium, a chapel, administrative offices, a large gymnasium and outside track, along with a fully equipped garage. In addition to the main complex, there is a mock city known as Hogans Alley, which consists of facades replicating a typical small town. The Hogans Alley facades are primarily used for FBI and DEA New Agent Training, while behind the facades are fully functioning classrooms, audiovisual facilities, storage areas, and administrative and maintenance offices. Just beyond Hogans Alley is a 1.1 mile pursuit/defensive driving training track. The extensive firearms training provided to all FBI/DEA and other law enforcement officers is conducted at the indoor firing range, the eight outdoor firing ranges, four skeet ranges, or the 200-yard rifle range."

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