The Urinals of Derek's Basement

Derek installed this urinal the basement of his house in Frederick, MD.

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Derek writes: "Dear Editor, I came across your fantastic website while researching urinals for my basement workshop. It didn't do anything for my plumbing research, but it did give me a laugh (especially considering I have my own collection of toilet, bathroom, and urinal pictures from around the world; I will send you some next time I come across them).

"Anyway, so attached are three pics of my basement workshop. In the one with the washer and dryer, you can see how the UC (Urinal Closet) blends in inconspicuously with the door shut. The pic of the workbench, etc. is so you can see that the UC matches its surrounds. And finally, a picture of the install itself, with the door providing some privacy to the rest of the room, the fixture a bit higher than normal for my own comfort, and even a headrest. Note that the plumbing, although I'm an amateur, was done to commercial standards with 3/4" straight pipe with union. What do you think?"

We think Derek did quite well, this installation looks very professional.