The Urinals of Greater Cumberland Regional Airport

Greater Cumberland Regional Airport (CBE) serves the town of Cumberland, MD. It's located in nearby Wiley Ford, WV.

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Wikipedia informs: "Greater Cumberland Regional Airport (IATA: CBE, ICAO: KCBE, FAA LID: CBE) is a public airport in the town of Wiley Ford (population 1,095) in Mineral County, West Virginia. It is two miles south of Cumberland (population 21,518) in Allegany County, Maryland. Although the airport is in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia, the FAA lists this as a Maryland airport.

"The airport has not had service from a major airline since US Airways Express carrier Air Midwest left in September 2001. But from 2001 the airport was served by a spin-off of the former Pan Am Airways group until May 2003. On the second level of the airport terminal is the Cohongaronta Gallery (Cohongaronta being a Shawnee name for the Potomac River) with an array of displays on the history of the Potomac Highlands area. The centerpiece of the gallery is a 40% scale replica of the Wright Brothers 1903 Wright Flyer. A 70-foot-long time line highlights dates and events for the Potomac Highlands region. The gallery is open to the public during terminal business hours."

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