The Urinals of Public urinals of Aasiaat

The town of Aasiaat is Greenland's fourth-largest town. This urinal is located inside a public hall.

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"Aasiaat (old spelling: Ausiait) is [both a town and] a municipality (Aasiaat Kommuneat). The municipality covers several islands at the southern end of Disko Bay (Aasiaat Archipelago in west-central Greenland. The approximate location of Aasiaat town is [show location on an interactive map] 68°43′N, 52°53′W. It is one of two Greenlandic municipalities that do not occupy any portion of the main island of Greenland, the other one being Qeqertarsuaq. As of January 1, 2005, the municipality had a population of 3,310, on an area of 4000 km². Aasiaat is sometimes referred to as the Town of the Whales, since marine mammals such as whales and seals are a common sight."

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