The Urinals of Little House Wayside

The Little House Wayside is a historical landmark that commemorates the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of Little House on the Prairie. It is located in Pepin, WI.

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"The Little House Wayside is a 3-acre wayside located in Pepin County, Wisconsin, seven miles northwest of Pepin, Wisconsin and approximately one mile southeast of Lund, on County Highway CC (formerly Wisconsin Highway 183), on the plot where Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on February 7, 1867.

"The site contains a replica of the house that was described in the book, Little House in the Big Woods. The unfurnished cabin contains a fireplace, two bedrooms, a loft, and information about Wilder and her family. The site is now surrounded by open farmland, although it was a dense hardwood forest when Laura was born. The site is maintained by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society. The house is closed for the winter after the snow gets deep."

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