The Urinals of Wiggin's Trading Post

Wiggin's Trading Post is a gas station and a souvenir, bait and sandwich shop located in the tiny roadside community of Chilcoot, CA.

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At Wiggin's Trading Post the men's room patrons have the choice of using either a hand dryer or a paper towel dispenser (as pictured above). Unfortunately, the dispenser contains no paper towels.

This photo was taken in 2001. In September, 2005, an employee of Wiggin's Trading Post wrote in with the following note: "Hey, a friend and I work at Wiggin's Trading Post and we came across your website and thought it was really weird that the bathrooms that we clean are on the internet. How the hell did you end up in Chilcoot California? I just thought it was humorous because when I clean them, I never do fill in the paper towel dispenser, it [smells] too bad in there. You must have come on a good day when I filled in the soap. How lucky are you?!?!?! But now you're screwed cuz our hand dryer is broken. And there is a garbage bag covering the urinal because it's broken, too."