The Urinals of Wheel Inn

The Wheel Inn is a restaurant and truck stop located in Cabazon, CA

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These pictures were sent in by Leo. He writes: "Cabazon, CA in my opinion is historic and what I consider Americana. It's on the boarder of Palm Springs, CA in the middle of the desert right along side of the 10-freeway. It's in the top 5 of America's best truck stops for a good reason. The restaurant (named "Wheel Inn") is very clean, the food is home made and is fantastic and the restaurant has been in several Hollywood movies including Pee Wee's Big Adventure staring Paul Reubens and The Wizard staring Fred Savage. There are two large dinosaurs just behind the restaurant that were in both movies. I'm not good at these things, but one I think is called a "brontosaurus" and the other I know is a t-rex, both of them about 3 stories tall. Also, the restaurant has two sets of rest rooms, one in the front part [above] and one in the back [below]. Both are spotless, the cleanest that I've ever seen at any truck stop that I've been to between New York and Los Angeles. My apologies for the fuzzy photos, my camera phone isn't that good."