The Urinals of Watfod Gap Service Station

Watford Gap Service Station is a rest area on UK's principal motorway, the M1. It is located near the village of Watford, Northamptonshire, U.K. (not to be confused with the not-too-distant town of Watford, Hertfordshire, U.K.).

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Mathew M, who submitted these pictures, writes: "[This service station] is named after an adjacent small village and is about 80 miles north of London. It is a source of constant confusion because it is often mistakenly thought to be near the town of Watford, [Hertfordshire], which is much closer to the metropolis. This has even worked its way into folklore: a phrase often used by southerners vs northerners is "north of Watford", which can sometimes mean the town and sometimes the service station."

"Anyway, I had to provide a point of interest because the urinals are so boring. This is the northbound [top] and the southbound [bottom] sides, visited at the two ends of the same day. The rest of the service station seems to be mirror images, so it's surprising that the urinals aren't. Perhaps traveling southwards has a diuretic effect?"