The Urinals of Stamperl

Stamperl is a bar located in Vienna, Austria's historic center city area.

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This picture was taken by Derek. He writes: " Interesting site I've stumbled across. I took a picture of the attached urinal while traveling through Vienna this year. I don't remember the name of the bar. I could find out though. ". While Derek could not find the name of the bar, Scooty saw this listing, and was able to identify this photo for us. He writes: " I've seen it. I've used it. I know it. ;-) The name of the bar is "Stamperl", [it is] located in the famous "Bermuda Triangle", in the [middle] of Vienna's [oldest] district. The bar is a small and cosey one, [it is] nice to visit. I hope this is of... help to you. Best regards from Vienna, Austria, Europe".