The womens urinal at a rest stop off of US 26

This particular womens urinal may be found in a rest area on US Highway 26 at the summit of the Cascade mountains in Oregon.

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These pictures were submitted by an independent contributor. She writes: "It's a floor mounted Sanistand from American Standard...It's the only one, of about 7 stalls, and it looks like the first 2 stalls also had them, but were recently converted to one handicap stall. These historic fixtures, which were considered very "modern" at one time are unfortunately falling prey to remodeling efforts and the vagaries of time."

Take a look at the following 1950's era advertisment for the American Standard Sanistand (courtesy of XBOG).

As far as we have been able to establish, US 26 runs from Seaside, OR (on the Oregon Coast) out to Ogallala, NE.