The Urinals of University Mall

University Mall is located in Carbondale, IL.

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MG submitted this image: "University Mall is a small 1-floor enclosed mall located on Carbondale's eastern business district. This place has many stores and shops for all your shopping pleasures. The green glow from the mall at night greets the new college students as they enter Carbondale for the first time.

This restroom is located near the (now defunct) food hall. This food court has the unusual position in the rear of the mall and had 5 themed meal spaces (there were origianlly six spaces, but one was closed off.) The places were Happy Burger (American), Le Bon Bistro (French), It's A Pizza (Italian), Yeung's Lotus Express (Chinese) and Suki Hana (Japanese). It seems that the open space was originally a Mexican place by the mural on one of the walls. The food hall was put out of commission in early 2006 when the mall management changed hands."