The Urinals of Turf Tavern

The Turf Tavern is a bar located in Oxford, U.K.

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This photo was sent in by JC. He writes: "I wish I had taken a pic of this gent's before it was refurbished, when it still had the original knee-height metal trough. However, [this] is the smart new loo of The Turf Tavern, Oxford, a public house situated between two city lanes and approached via pedestrian alleys from both sides. The wall to the left of the urinals abuts the outside of the ancient city wall. The tavern has its origins in the [13th century] but is largely [17th century] and is a popular meeting place with good food and a fine selection of real ales. It is a favourite venue for students after an exam, especially finishers, still in [the traditional attire required to take exams and participate in commencement ceremonies called] sub fusc, often with garlands and bottles of champagne. I love the place!"