The Urinals of Toy Museum

The Toy Museum is a museum devoted to toys located in Penang, Malaysia

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"Interested in Contemporary Toys? Visit the Toy Museum, the latest attraction in Penang, Malaysia, that has recently opened its doors to the public. It has a vast collection of contemporary toys that consists of dolls ,movie characters, cartoons and comic character collectibles . The Museum, holder of 2 records in the Malaysian Book of Records, ranks as the First Toy Museum in Asia and the worlds largest Toy Museum with a collection now of 100,000 toys and still expanding over time."

"The Museum was the passionate dream of its owner Loh Lean Cheang, a consultant engineer by profession, who got the idea when he visited the Toy and Model Museum in London 30 years ago. He has been collecting toys from all parts of the world ever since. His greatest hobby is now offering untold enjoyment for all ages. The journey of collecting toys started from his first , "Popeye" which cost him half a pound to his most expensive Life Size Robot at RM 9,000( US $2370)in recent years. His favorite toy is the figurine of "My Goddess" from Japan, which he bought for about RM1,000 (US $265) . Despite having such a vast collection, he continues to buy toys at an average of RM 3000 - 5000 a month"

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