The Urinals of an airborne vessel take-off and landing facility located near Canada's largest city

This facility is located on the outskirts of said city and is named after a person whose name starts with a 'P' and ends with an 'earson'. The three-letter code for this facility includes the letters Y, Y and Z, necessarily in that order.

Urinal Dot Net is not permitted to disclose the actual name of this facility, due to threats of legal action from an organization whose name we're also not allowed to mention. We can only say that it goes by an acronym with the letters Gee-Tee-Aye-Aye.

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This picture was submitted by adc. He writes: "The Maple Leaf Lounge [in] (Terminal 1) sports these business class urinals."

"The [facility in question] - covering 1,792 hectares (4,430 acres) - has been [Canada's largest city's] main international [aircraft take-off and landing facility] since 1939 when it was first known as Malton [facility]."

The above photograph from the same facility was submitted by a different contributor.