The Urinals of The Falconer House

The Falconers live in Greeley, CO. There, they installed a surplus urinal salvaged from a B-15 or C-130 bomber.

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This photo was sent in by Mr. Falconer, who installed this urinal in his home. He writes: "Here's a picture of my sick urinal that I believe came out of a B-15 or C-130 Bomber. It is stainless steel so [it will not rust]. It has sealed caps to ensure that the awful fumes don't find their way out as the urine doesn't drain, it must be poured out to be disposed of. It even has its own holder that the urinal can be taken out of to dispose of the urine without affecting the mounting area. Unlike other urinals, this one doesn't need plumbing to be functional, you could put this thing in your bedroom, in your garage, in your closet, heck even right in your living room if you want! It was used on the bomber as the bathroom, [it is] not made from the aircraft's parts. [This is a] very rare urinal, and was actually used as a urinal on a bomber at one time."