The Urinals of St. Christopher's at the Winston

St. Christopher's at the Winston is an artistically-decorated hostel located in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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St. Christopher's at the Winston has opened a new bar in 2006 which boasts the "Kisses" urinals pictured here. Manufactured by a Dutch company called "Bathroom Mania", "Kisses" urinals have been installed in bars and clubs around the World amid some controversy. You may find other photos of these urinals on our site at the Mystique Night Club page

"St. Christopher’s at the Winston is your first culture stop in this over the top Dutch city. Upgrade to one of our 30 hotel rooms which have all been designed by local artists to give you a choice of: the exotic and fetish room, the body fat room, or the button room. All completely unique rooms and all worth a look. "Staying at St. Christopher’s Youth Hostel is not without its charms though, as all of our rooms are en-suite. You’ve got a private beer garden outside or our newly renovated shiny Belushi’s bar, a built in nightclub at the famous Winston International, and a chill-out room for some quiet time."

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