The Urinals of Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve

The Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve is a nature preserve located in Naperville, IL.

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This picture was sent in by MG. He writes: "This forest preserve, originally called Dragon Lake Forest Preserve, has been recently made accessible to the public. It has many trails, a model aircraft field, picnic area, dog training area, and this simple pit facility pictured here".

AS submitted an updated image from Springbrook Prairie, noting: "Springbrook Prairie was slated to be the home of a 200-acre dragon-shaped lake, complete with a swim beach and campgrounds. However, the emergence of a significant grassland bird population eventually led the District to abandon the idea of a lake and to look at ways to restore the preserve to a native prairie landscape. Recently, the District has secured over $1 million in grants to fund a stream re-meandering project to return the western part of Spring Brook to a more natural state. By returning the twists and turns and by making a wider, shallower bank, the District will improve water quality by slowing the flow and will also allow the stream to easily pour over its banks and into the preserve during heavy rains, improving floodwater-control features."