The Urinals of Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch is located in Parker, TX, and was used to film many episodes of the TV show "Dallas".

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This picture was submitted by an independent contributor in 2002. He writes: "Unfortunately, the urinals are not located within the mansion (which has more bathrooms than bedrooms, but no urinals), but are located instead in the Oil Barons' Ballroom. The ranch is rented out for tours and conventions..."

This most recent image was sent in by AS a full ten years later, in 2012. He notes: "You know the sprawling Texas ranch house from the hit TV show "Dallas". Today, the residence which is home to the fictional Ewing Family has a conference center, gift shop and welcome center. Today, the ranch continues to be used for the 2012 version of this iconic show. While JR and Bobby may never use this urinal in the welcome center, the tour guide says they come to the ranch frequently when shooting on location."