The Urinals of the Solana Beach Train Station

This train station is served by Amtrak and the Coaster trains and is located in Solana Beach, CA.

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These pictures were submitted by XBOG. He writes: "[The Coaster is] a commuter line between Oceanside and San Diego. The station building is of a very unique architecture style and was opened on February 24, 1995. It was designed by the award winning architect Robert Quigley. I must say that I was quite taken back by the choice of fixtures for the restrooms -- all metallic. I found the urinal to be very uninspiring and wonder if Mr. Quigley himself was responsible for the selection. Solana Beach is a very beautiful and inviting place which lures people to come and enjoy the beaches and the sun. However, the restrooms at the train station (an otherwise fine gateway to the city) seem to say "Do your business and get out..."