The Urinals of Social Lies Pub and Grill

Social Lies Pub & Grill is located in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro, OR.

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A sample Yelp review for this business reads as follows: " This place is perfect for going to hang with friends or family (before 8pm family) the food is always fresh and delicious with new specials everyday. Cool, fun environment where [you] can just be yourself and have a good time. [Meet] new people and learn some old history of the town, while enjoying the best cocktails in town. With light entertainment for [kids] and adults. This place has a little bit of everything. Did I mention the daily soups from scratch!? They just don't make'em like this anymore! If [you] haven't been here [you're] missing out........and they have hoodies and shirts too! I grabbed a hoodie."

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