The Urinals of Skipjack's

Skipjack's is a small chain of seafood restaurants in the greater Boston, MA area. This particular urinal may be found at the downtown Boston location.

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This picture was submitted by an independent contributor. He writes: "Skipjack's ('The Seafood Experts') is named after a type of tuna, indigenous to the Pacific, that is known for it's tenacity and strength. The founder of this chain, Jeff Senior, chose the name to reflect his vision of a restaurant known for aggressively pursuing the highest quality product and presenting it in the most economic fashion. Apart from a menu of all kinds of fresh exotic and traditional fish dishes, this place has an excellent bar plus a street terrace. This terrace is great for great for people watching and it offers a breathtaking view of the John Hancock Tower just across the street. It seems however that urinals were the least concern when this place was opened. In the back of the bar only two urinals can be found, one of which is a children's model and the other being an adult model that offers just a foot of space between the urinal and the wall."