The Urinals of N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, formerly known as Namsan Tower, is a communication tower and tourist attraction located in Seoul, South Korea. These photos were taken from the observation deck men's room of this 777 ft tall stucture.

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This first picture was sent in by SG in June 2007. He writes: "If you zoom in on the writing on the windows you'll see that they serve as a "point of interest" locators for the urinal user while they are, ahem, pissing on the city. In addition to having quite a view, you'll notice that they are raised up on a pedestal, as though your view was not already high enough. "

These last two pictures were sent in by EP, also in June 2007. He writes: "Located on the lower of the two observation floors 370 meters above sea level you have a GREAT view to the north and downtown Seoul. Small notes on the windows give you a hint of what you are looking at, and at the same time they have painted on a small fly in the bowl to give those who can't aim something to aim at, and to "pee away" from the bowl! Guess it's needed when you have that breathtaking view right in front of you!"