The Urinals of Screenland

Screenland is a recently restored movie theater and event venue located in Kansas City, MO.

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"You will find us at the corner of 17th and Washington, just one block west of Broadway. (You can.t miss our Marquee rescued from the historic Isis Theatre where a very young Walt Disney showed some of his earliest cartoons made right here in Kansas City). Located on the edge of the Crossroads and Film Row Districts, Screenland is a fully renovated creative office center, movie theatre and event center. Built in 1913 as a cold storage facility, it has been transformed into one of the most distinctive buildings in the Crossroads Arts District. Screenland has one very important feature that no other venue in Kansas City has: a full service motion picture theatre, capable of both film and digital video projection. The sound system is the finest in Kansas City. Seating 150, from film to DVD to Power Point, the presentation looks magnificent and impressive on the 26 foot screen."

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