The Urinals of the Salar Jung Museum

The Salar Jung Museum houses an expansive art collection in the city of Hyderabad, India.

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"This treasure house of art is located on the bank of the river Musa. Acclaimed as one of the finest one-man collections in the world, this museum is named after Mir Yusuf Ali Khan- Salar Jung III- the prime minister of the Nizam, who was a great connoisseur of art. It houses 35,000 exhibits collected from all corners of the world including illuminated manuscripts, bejeweled armories, wood carvings, exquisite cut glass collections etc. Of the many artifacts, some of the sculptures in marble like the 'Veiled Rebecca', 'Mestophiles' and the 'Lady with the lamp' are some irresistible pieces of art with classic workmanship. The oil paintings acquired from France, an array of vases and pewters, numerous watches and clocks, rich Persian silks and wall hangings, floor coverings, and Chinese tapestry are some of the prize exhibits".

These pictures were sent in by WR.