The Urinals of Roquefort Cheese Caves

Roquefort Cheese is "made only in the small town of that name in the Massif Central of France". These pictures were taken at the Roquefort Cheese Caves facility, where the cheese is produced.

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"An exceptional combination of circumstances gave birth to Roquefort cheese : an extraordinary geological feature, men's tenacity and the special adaptability of a breed of ewes... A visit not to be missed : down in the underground labyrinth of the maturing caves of Roquefort, formed by Nature after the landslide of the Combalou mountain. These high-vaulted caves, ventilated by the "fleurines" natural draught passages which operate the natural ventilation of the caves) are where from January to June thousands of cheeses are nurtured in the hands of experts. You can visit the caves all year round".

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