The Urinals of Pyrenees Cafe

Pyrenees Cafe is a Basque restaurant and bar located in Bakersfield, CA.

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"We stumbled in here on a rainy Sunday, anxious for the Basque experience and unable to go to the more hyped Wool Growers or Noriega, which weren't open. I'm kind of a novice, but I think we did get our California Basque experience.

"You'll walk through a noisy bar to get to the restaurant. Picnic tables. Family-style fare. The "set-up" comes with bread, soup, beans, salsa, salad, spaghetti, some damn fine pickled tongue, a vegetable, and fries. If that doesn't bust your gut by itself, be sure to get the ribeye or the swordfish.

"Pyrenees has been here since 1935, so it's got street cred."

Submitted by FP