The Urinals of Powis Castle

Powis Castle and its adjoining gardens are located near the town of Welshpool in Wales, U.K.

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KW submitted both of these photos from Powis Castle. He sent this first photo in 2005, with the following note: "Powis Castle and its gardens (in Wales, not far from the town of Welshpool), are maintained in superb condition by the National Trust. The castle itself, built on top of a hill commanding great views, is beautifully furnished, and houses the personal collection of Clive of India. The gardens are, if possible, even more impressive -- laid out on a grand plan, with spectacular flower beds, orchard trees and more, arranged in varied walled and open settings. The principal urinals are located close to the castle entrance, but this one (probably constructed for the gardeners) is handy if you have walked a long distance from them."

KW sent this updated image in 2013, writing the following: "Powis Castle is a National Trust property near Welshpool, Wales, originally built circa 1200. It was the ancestral home of Clive of India, whose collection of Indian artifacts is now housed in a museum on site. These urinals are available for visitors."