The Urinals of Powerhouse at Stave Falls

The Powerhouse at Stave Falls is a part of the Canadian hydro-electric generating infrastructure and a tourist and recreational attraction. It's located near the Vancouver suburb of Mission, B.C., Canada.

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"The Power House at Stave Falls is owned and operated by BC Hydro. The Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse were constructed from 1909 and completed on January 1, 1912 with the purpose of providing hydro-electricity to the Lower Mainland. A few years after construction at Stave Falls was complete, construction of another dam (Ruskin Dam) downstream from Stave Falls began in order to cope with the growing demand.

"The Power House at Stave Falls and informative visitor center are now open for the public to find out about how hydro-electricity is generated and to take a look at some of the huge machinery needed for such a job and in recognition of the historical importance of this site it was designated a National Heritage Site in 2004."

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