The Urinals of Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads

Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads is a shopping mall located in Oklahoma City, OK.

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This photo was sent in by RC. He writes: "Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads is the only shopping mall in south Oklahoma City. It was built as Crossroads Mall, opening in 1974. Crossroads Mall started declining with the closing of Montgomery Wards, increasing gang violence, and then the banking collapse of 2008-2009 finally did it in. The mall closed until 2013 when it was re-branded as Plaza Mayor. The mall caters to the Hispanic crowd on the south side of Oklahoma City. There are only a few national retailers in the mall. Even excluding the empty anchor tenants, the mall still has a high vacancy rate. There are several hair & nail salons, along with many Hispanic food options. When the mall reopened, there were plans to make a concert venue and a rodeo arena in the mall, but nothing has been done."