The Urinals of Plaza del Charco

Plaza del Charco is the main square in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. These fixtures serve the visitors to the square.

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This picture was sent in by Ten. He writes: "Puerto de la Cruz is the main resort on the north coast of the island where the rather cooler damper climate makes the cultivation of trees and plants possible. Bananas are widely grown in the area. The south of the island is however, hotter and more arid with a noticeable lack of vegetation. In the centre of Puerto is the attractive Plaza del Charco. This is the main square consisting of walkways and many trees with street cafes and restaurants beneath them giving a vibrant atmosphere. The locals gather in the square for relaxation and drinks in the evenings once it gets cooler. There are busy public washrooms situated underground in the corner of the square and it was rather difficult to find an opportunity to take this photograph. There were 9 urinals in total with three on each wall - some are out of sight in the photo. These fixtures are quite large, round and deep and provided with button flushers and are similar to those at the Turquesa Playa hotel."