The Urinals of Pildammsparken

Pildammsparken (Willow Pond Park) is a large park located in Malmö, Sweden

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These pictures were sent in by CG. He writes: "What a marvellous site you have created! Information about it was spread to a broader audience in Sweden last week, when the major morning newspapers had articles about an academical thesis, describing male habits by the urinals. The author is a researcher at the University of Göteborg (Gothenburg), and the title in Swedish is "Pissoaren och dess sexuella laddning" (roughly "The urinal and its sexual implications"). And he referred to your webbsite for "further studies"."

"I quickly followed his advice, and noticed there are very few objects from Sweden. So I pictured one here in Malmö It's beautifully situated in the big Pildammsparken and constructed in steel as a spiral. At the inner part of the spiral you find 2 steel urinals and a steel hand-basin."