The Urinals of Philharmonic Rooms

Philharmmonic Rooms is a pub located in Liverpool, UK .

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This photo was sent in by Rich from the UK in 2000, who writes: "These are of the finest marble, in - I'm sure you'll agree - a nausea inducing hue. You will be able to relieve yourselves against them should you ever venture to Liverpool in the UK..."

AH writes in with this footnote: "What nobody seems to know is that the urinals in the philharmonic are actually ceramic decorated to look like marble!!!"

RH also writes in with the following fascinating tidbit of information: "[The pub] was decorated throughout in the style of the interior of the Titanic, at the time that vessel was being fitted out. By the same workmen. Probably with parts stolen from the shipyard (This is Liverpool, you know). The urinals are so famous that from time to time groups of ladies are taken on a guided tour (with suitable precautions, of course)."

However, RV dissagrees: "I thought the tale about the decorating of the Philharmonic rooms was very amusing. However, I feel the need (if you'll pardon the phrase) to blow it out of the water for a couple of reasons. The Phil was built, [as I understand it], around 1989 -1900 whereas the Titanic wasn't launched until 1911. It met it's fate on its maiden voyage in 1912. As you've noted the pub is in Liverpool, the Titanic was built in Belfast. Although many of the crew, and the White Star Line, were Liverpool based the ship never visited [Liverpool], although booked to do so on its trip from Belfast to Southampton."

JD has sent this updated photo of these very famous urinals in 2009.

Another update comes to us from MT, who took this picture in 2014.