The Urinals of Peter H's Garage

Peter H lives in Alnwick, a small town in Northumberland, U.K. He has installed (and photographed) these urinals in his garage.

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Peter writes: "This portable urinal pot was bought by me on Ebay and allegedly was originally fitted to a [british] jet [fighter] aircraft for use by the pilot. It is made of polished chrome steel and has a spring loaded lid lined with cork and has a catch for when not in use. The outlet of the pot would fit into a flexible tube which takes the urine away. There is no non-return valve but presumably that would be found at the far end of the pipe in the aircraft. I make occasional use of it in my garage."

This fixture may also be found in Peters' garage: "This is my new garage urinal which replaces the previous one. It is a Villeroy & Boch model which incorporates a lid. A pipe leads to a plastic tank which can be emptied periodically."