The Urinals of Paris Cinema

Paris Cinema is a historic adult movie theater located in Brussels, Belgium.

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"Opened in 1932 as the Majestic Cinema, in 1933 it became the Marigny Cinema with a speciality of second run movies of all kinds. “La Maison du Maltais” was shown here, with the vamp of the time Viviane Romance starring. In 1950, it changed its name to Paris Cinema. In the 1960’s, like the American Cinema, it became specialised in so called ‘Adult Movies’ and “Daniela by Night” with Elke Somer was an example of this type of film. Since the 1970’s it became an Adult X Rated cinema and is still operating as such today, as one of the oldest cinemas in Brussels, re-named the New Paris Cinema. It was closed for two months in November/December 2008 for renovations, re-opening on 3rd January 2009 as the Paris Cinema."

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