The Urinals of Panini's

Panini's is a chain of sandwhich shops with locations throughout the mid-west. This particular Panini's is located in Cleveland, OH

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This picture was submitted by HM. He writes: "Panini's is a franchise chain in northeast Ohio, famous (they like to think) for their overstuffed sandwiches — the contents between the fresh bread slices are topped with coleslaw and french fries, then mashed down. No one seems quite certain if the establishment's title should bear an apostrophe or not. The one in the Gateway entertainment/sports district of downtown Cleveland is spacious and furnished in old roadhouse style. Situated very near the Indians baseball park and Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cavaliers and Lake Earie Monsters (minor league hockey) play, it is especially popular with pre- and post-game crowds. There are two minuscule men's rooms, one in each of the two bar/restaurant areas. Each has a single urinal that seems to have been installed as an afterthought in the only available space after the toilet stall and sink were put in. Part of the charm, perhaps."