The Urinals of Our House East

Our House East is a restaurant and college bar located adjacent to Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

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"Our house serves food during the day, but that's not when you'll find a crowd there. The food is pretty decent, but it's cheap so no gripes there.

"The real "Our House East" experience comes beginning around 12:45am Thursday-Saturday when Northeastern University students flood the place en masse. It's a late night haunt when the back room opens up, and college students in rare form flood the place.

Some tips:

  • Don't expect a classy place
  • Expect it to be hot
  • Expect it to be a mess
  • Expect to pay $4-7 per drink (approx)
  • Expect to get kicked out at 2am
  • Avoid the bathrooms if possible.

"This is textbook definition of a dive, except that it's only full late at night and isn't dive prices."

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